Interior photography info

As anyone involved in residential remodeling knows, the look of any room will change throughout the day so picking the right time of day to photograph your project is a key first step.  Going along with that is the direction of any windows in the space.  While some spaces can definitely benefit from direct sunlight spilling into the room, many do not. If you want to use the sun in your space, then it will be important to note the time of day when it looks just right.

For those spaces that look best in indirect light, it’s usually best to pick a time when direct sunlight won’t be an issue. In other words, if the kitchen sink window faces west, it’s probably best to photograph that space in the morning.

I shoot directly into my laptop so you can see each image immediately on a large screen. This helps greatly when it comes to fine tuning the exact camera placement as well as the final positioning of the various staging elements. This way you can approve each photo as we go and have no doubts that you are getting exactly what you want.

My photography style is to preserve your design style. Usually lighting is part of the design of the room so any additional lighting that’s necessary should blend imperceptibly with the lighting scheme you’ve designed into it. Each photo should look just the same as when you are standing in the room.

Commercial spaces such as business lobbies, offices, work spaces, break rooms, etc are very similar to photograph except that they generally only need minor decluttering instead of a full staging treatment. They also generally require less supplemental lighting on my part as workspace lighting is usually bright and very consistent. As such commercial spaces tend to take less time to photograph.

I normally bill by the hour for the location time (upon arrival) and for the image processing time but let me know if you need a different arrangement. Included is unlimited usage of your image files (you don’t have to pay me again if a magazine wants to publish your project) and you can have them in any format or size you need. I’m also happy to come out to scout your location.