Exterior Photography info

From 1985 until about 2002, most of my exterior architecture photography was done with a 4×5 view camera and transparency film.  Today, with digital capture, I can produce perspective corrected, high resolution photos much more efficiently than I used to using large format equipment.  That means more views at less cost.

A decade and a half worth of Photoshop experience also gives me the ability to clean up parking lots and sidewalks, remove signs and parking stripes, repair or even add grass, and enhance the color of blue skies, etc.

I normally bill by the hour for the location time (upon arrival) and the image processing time but let me know if you need a different arrangement. Included is unlimited usage of your image files and you can have them in any format or size you would like.

 I’m happy to scout your location but often I can get you what you want in one trip and turn them around quickly.

 Let me show you how easy this can be.